Welcome to my blog!  It really is such a joy to have you!

You know, all my life I’ve watched the effects of poor health on a family – on our family.  I can recall too many memories all to vividly of the chaos and the crises that seemed to be the “norm” within our household.  As most with any child, I once believed that was just how things were – our lot in life, the hand we’d been dealt.

After over two decades of surrendering under the weight and oppression  of that belief, something happened.  Something truly incredible happened.  Things started turning around.

For over 20 years I wrestled with chronic, debilitating and blinding migraines.  I was only in my 20’s when I’d already spent over a decade brawling with severe depression and numerous health issues.  After much prayer and with much determination, I decided to embark on my journey into health with an 11-week initiative with raw foods (nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole/sprouted grains and very little of anything else).

Needless to say those first 77 days were INTENSE but on the other side of it all, I got to witness firsthand the powerful transformations that can occur when we simply set out to get back to the basics with whole food nutrition and wholesome living.

While I now include a broad range of fresh raw and cooked whole foods in my diet (dairy-free pescatarian, for you curious types), it was certainly an experience from which I’ve never looked back.  Not only was my physical health transformed but a fiery passion was ignited from deep within that drives me with increasing force today as I continue to press forward, striving to take as many of you with me as I can.

My hope and prayer on the other side of all of my efforts is that I’ve helped as many people as possible in achieving health freedom. maximizing their life potential and realizing their greatest dreams.

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