Some of us have no trouble taking hold of healthy living with the embrace of a child around a life-sized stuffed unicorn.  Some others, not so much.

Let’s face it.  Some of you are still in a place where you think health foods suck and whole foods just bite the big one.

NEWSFLASH!  You’re palate can totally be retrained to love health food.  It just takes a little bit of time and intentional effort.  However, the intentional effort doesn’t have to be so painful as some of you may be thinking.

Today’s discussion – a few little tricks you can stash up your sleeve to have you eating healthier without giving it much thought.


So maybe you don’t like the textures of things like avocados, beans or sweet potatoes.  These are some of my favorites but, if they’re not yours, that’s cool.  You can still reap the benefits and learn to love them.

Cook them down until soft, puree them in a mini-chopper or food processor or just mash them with a fork.  Use in place of mayonnaise or other sandwich spreads in wraps and sandwiches or serve as a dip on the side.

Chop ‘Em into Tiny Bits

Just because you don’t link massive chunks of celery and onions or whatever else, doesn’t mean you’d mind them if they’re chopped smaller.  Foods like squash, zucchini, broccoli, onions, celery, carrots and, well, a whole lot of other stuff, can easily be added to soups, stews and sauces with little detection or objection.

Making a wrap, sandwich or tacos?  Just sprinkled those teeny veggies right on top and nosh away, my friend.

Pulse It Out

Beans + Peas + Lentils = Pulses

Pulse it out!  Keep prepared beans, lentils and peas on hand to easily add to salads or whatever else you have on your plate.  The lighter flavor makes them an easy addition to most any addition.

These babies can also be dressed up with your favorite herbs, spices or sauces to play the lead role for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Okay, maybe not so much on breakfast, unless you’re just into that sort of thing but they can steal the show for lunch, dinner and snacks.  {Crunchy Chickpeas?  Yes, please!!!}

Keep Healthy On-Hand

Some of us have some serious snacking tendencies.  If you stay busy like I stay busy, you’re probably not even really present when you’re doing it.  You just gnaw on those nibbles’n’bits while your brain continues to process billions of calculations.

Or, maybe you’re just lazy.  Not judging.  Just saying, this works for you too and maybe even more so.

Just quit bringing the junk in or, at the very least, stash it in hard to reach places.  Keep fresh fruits and vegetables prepped and placed for easy grab’n’go snacks.

Just Add ‘Kraut

Okay, so maybe you’re not much of a sauerkraut fan (but then, maybe you are).  Point is, I’m willing to bet you have at least one totally healthy dip or topping that just rocks you’re ever-loving world.

Run with it!  Really…just schmear it on everything!

Guacamole, Sauerkraut, Avocado-based Green Goddess Dressings, Kimchi, Salsa, Pico, whatever rocks your boat – try it paired with other health foods you may have previously not been quite so crazy about.

Get a little saucy and sassy with it.

So, there you have it – a handful of tips on how you can eat a little better each day without making it overly complicated.

Now it’s your turn – what are some of your favorites ways to make healthier eating a little easier?  How do you sneak those scrumptious, healthy eats under your own radar?



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