Article written byLaTricia Morris, CIWC  LaTricia Morris is an Integrative Wellness Counselor, Writer, Author, Illustrator & the Founder of See Kids Thrive. LaTricia is an avid-health enthusiast committed to helping families like yours maximize their life potential and realize their greatet dreams.

I think this is one of those topics where we could start off with every intention of keeping things simple and end up creating an entire website out of everything that could branch out.  Let’s explore a few simple ideas here and I would love if you would connect with us via facebook or e-mail to give us some ideas you might like to see added to this page!

See Eye-to-Eye.

Take the time to look children and others directly in the eyes as you encourage them, speaking words of affirmation and love.

Take hold of it. Sometimes it amazes me just how much can be said through a simple, authentic hug.  {I’ll be honest.  I don’t usually really like to be held, hugged or touched a lot but a brief but genuine hug can drastically shift my countenance when I’m stressd out.  Even for the little boy that acts like he doesn’t “want no stinkin’ hugs” walls just come down when Mom or Dad wrap their arms around him and hold him tight.  Scowls turn to silly smiles and eyes light up as he bee-bops off to play.}

Speak Words of Gratitude.  

Sharing words of gratitude is a great way to shift a conversation from joy-sucking to joy-giving.

affection appreciation decoration design

Speak Blessings.  

Speaking affirmation and goodness over others greatly increases joy and can work wonders in shifting views from despair to hope and joy.

Speak Life.  

There’s really no good reason for us to speak death over anybody, no matter how much of a jerk we may think they are.  What we speak directly affects our environment and those around us.  Even amidst the most challenging situations, we can look for positive words to say that uplift those around us.  This goes beyond compliments and also encompasses funny jokes, encouraging stories and sharing good news.

Look Forward to the Future.  

Dreading the days ahead is a real joy-killer.  Reshape your views of the future to ones of hope and help others do the same.

Actively Seek It.

Play games & do crafts (the quirkier the better), have a funny hairstyling party or kooky clothing party…  options are limitless here.

Embrace Zany, Weird, and Random.  This isn’t hard.  Again, kids love quirky (as do many adults).  Yes, I can be absolutely ridiculous at times but there’s nothing like seeing barriers of tension and anxiety come down.  Let your hair down and live a little.  Relax and enjoy the ride.


Unforgiveness breeds bitterness, anger and resentment.  Forgiveness frees us to walk in love and joyful living.

Get Less Busy.

I’m one who tends to prefer living at a faster pace and loves setting and accomplishing goals.  Still, even us A-types have to learn to unschedule enough of our time to make time for spontaneity and for those we love most.  Constantly being busy often accompanies high-stress levels, fatigue and low-joy.  Find ways to make yourself available for spontaneous, joyful memories that will last a lifetime.


Realize what and who really matters in life.  We often fail to see the price we pay when we focus our greatest energies on our own wants and desires.  We become blind toward others.  Learn to stop and appreciate people.  Love others and don’t be afraid to learn from them.  Even doing simple household or community tasks can become a breeding ground for joy when we look to see the good and value in others, and especially when we stop looking for what we can get and look rather to what we can give.

Got more ideas and suggestions on how to spread joy where you live?  Connect with us via Facebook and give us your input!


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