Serves 2.  So good and so good for you, this sippable dessert brings together fresh and decadent seamlessly!


1 Young Coconut, Water & Flesh (flesh reserved)

1 cup kindly packed Fresh Mint Leaves

1 small handful Fresh Wheatgrass, Barley Grass OR a ½’n’ ½ mixture of the two (optional)

6 tbsp Honey, or as desired

Pinch of Fine Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt

1½ tbsp Fine Ground Cacao (not powder) or Cacao Nibs

4 cups Ice, reserved


Blend coconut water, mint leaves, wheatgrass, honey and sea salt until smooth and consistent.

Add ice and blend until smooth and frosty.  Add Cacao and blend to incorporate.

*If using nibs, you might want to add to your blender just before you finish blending down the mint & wheatgrass.  You don’t want to overly incorporate the chocolate as the flecks are key to the appearance and experience of a grasshopper.

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