That’s not my goat.  It’s somebody else’s goat but it’s a picture of a goat nonetheless.  You may think this weird but admit, you weren’t exactly expecting to see a goat when you clicked that link, were you?

See, it’s the little things that bring joy.

…like a random nanny goat popping in to brighten your day when you least expect it.

Oh, come on.  Isn’t she cute?


½ cups Cashews, soaked 2 hours

1 tbsp + 1 tsp Lemon Juice

⅓ cup Water

1 tbsp Coconut Oil (I used pure coconut oil as opposed to [extra] virgin)

Strong Pinch of Salt

¼ tsp Powdered Probiotics


Combine all ingredients in a mini blender or processor and blend until very smooth.

Place cheese cloth (I like using a double layer) over a strainer (preferably a fine mesh strainer) and set in a bowl.

Pour cheese into cheese cloth and twist off to hold closed.  If needed, you may use a rubber band or twist-tie to hold the cloth around your cheese.

Place a weight, such as a small jar full of water or can of beans (watch that paper label isn’t touching the cloth) on top of your cheese and set all in a dark cabinet.  DO NOT SEAL OR SUFFOCATE IT!  LET THE PROBIOTICS HAVE A LITTLE BREATHING ROOM  TO YIELD FERMENTATION AND HEALTHY INTESTINAL FLORA!  Cover only loosely.

Leave for 24 hours or until desired fermentation is achieved.

Note:  Cooler temps can limit fermentation while warmer temps can hasten them.  If your home is cool, it may take longer to achieve desired results.  If you wish to speed up the process, you may set all in a dehydrator set on 90-95° or in your oven with nothing but the light on overnight.  Check in the morning to determine if additional time is needed.

Place plastic wrap in the bottom of a small bowl and pour cheese mixture into it.  Tap on the counter to encourage settling.  Refrigerate several hours or until mixture has firmed up.  Flip out onto a plate and remove saran.

Serve or recover and refrigerate until ready to serve.  Should keep approximately 3-5 days.


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