One of my most favorite books of all time is called The Names of God by Nathan Stone.  I’ve seriously read the book a couple times over and look forward to going through it again.

I love reading the Names of God, understanding the actual roots and meanings of each name, how it applied in it’s original context and how that name/meaning is realized in Jesus throughout the New Testament.  I love that in learning about the Names of God, we’re not just talking traits and attributes, we’re talking about things that are simply who He is.

Studying out the Names of God, to me, is a total step up in our journey of getting to know Him.  The reality is that being creatures fashioned after His own image, we simply cannot come to better understand who we truly are and what we’ve been created to do (both in terms of capability and purpose) without having a better understanding of who God is.

Another thing I love about studying out the Names of God is that in the midst of it all, as you start to get a better grasp on how He determined to initiate His introductions by each of the Names used throughout the entirety of the Bible and the context in which He released the revelation, you get these glimpses of the true heart of God toward mankind and it is beautiful!

I am presently working through another study, 100 Names of God by Christopher Hudson.  It’s alongside this that I am steadily adding to this collection of graphics to be shared amongst friends on social platforms.

Hey, I am all for flooding social media with His goodness and glory!  Feel free to download, print or share any of these graphics.  Attribution is appreciated yet, it’s not about my glory but His so feel free to share them however you so choose.

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